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Basic Fondant Skill


Code: BFS($90) (4-5 hours)


Fondant Rolling technique

Cover 6"cake mold with fondant

Small roses and leaves making

Royal icing piping and decorating technique

Fondant Cake I


Code: FCI ($110) (5-6 hours) 


Vanilla Cake provided

Cover the baked cake with  pre-made butter cream and fondant

Fondant/Gum paste flower decorating

Royal Icing piping technique

Fondant Cake II


Code: FC2 ($220) (8-10 hours in 2 days) 


Vanilla cake batter mixing and baking

Making of butter cream

Gum paste flowers and ribbons making

(based on a design of the cake)

Layer a two tiers cake with butter cream

Cover cake with fondant

Royal icing decorating  

Gum paste (Rose, Filler flowers)

Code: GR($85) (2 days) (4-5 hours)


Gum paste (Calla Lily, Filler flowers)

 Code: GC ($85) (2 days) (4-5 hours)


Gum paste (Orchid, Filler flowers)

Code: GO ($85) (2 days) (4-5 hours)


Gum paste (Lilac, filler flowers)

Code: GL  ($85) (2 days) (4-5 hours)