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Most of sessions are either one day or two days workshops,  you will not have to change your busy working schedule in order to attend classes on a regular basis.


If you do like to enjoy baking for a few hours, we are here for you.  You will find some of the classes are opened every month e.g. Cupcake and Mini-cupcake classes.  While other group classes are opened every three months, or only available for private group bookings.


If you do like to have a private group sessions, e.g. Kids party, bridal party, we can arrange for you.

Under the workshop I and II pages, you will find the regular group workshops with the code, price, time of the sessions and other details.


For workshop III,  you will need to arrange the specific time and date by phone, as the workshops are mostly one-on-one.


Please check the codes in the Class schedule page in order to find the date when the workshop is held. 


For cancellation ,we require one weeks notification free of charges. 


For switching schedule, please contact us at least three days prior to the booked time in order to avoid penalty charges.


Reservation charges is non-refundation if cancellation is within 24 hours before the workshop session is held.


Minimum of three students required to open a group session.  We reserve the right to cancel or change session.


Workshop I


Workshop II


Workshop III

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